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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

Health is incredibly important for all of us & especially for those who are new to the country. Newcomers often overlook health because there are so many other things to attend to, but it is like a lifeboat for our ship. We usually only need a lifeboat if our ship starts to sink. If everything is good, it seems like we don’t need it. But actually, when everything is good, it is the best time to build those lifeboats.

Several weeks ago, I got into an ER for the first time since we came to the United States. This is how life goes, right? We have fun, we enjoy ourselves, and suddenly something goes wrong. That’s when we realize how important our health really is. In my new blog post, find out how to best take care of our Health in America? Link in bio

In America, there are several ways to access healthcare. There’s the emergency number, 911, for acute life-threatening cases only. Then there’s the emergency room (ER) for acute, potentially life-threatening cases. There’s also urgent care for non-life-threatening cases. And then, there are regular physicians and specialists for preventive care and dealing with ongoing health problems.

American healthcare services are very expensive, and there are three ways to pay for them: as a self-paid patient, as a member of bill-sharing programs, and through insurance. While we should certainly find the best options to pay our medical bills, better yet, if we start with preventive care, doing all our regular checkups despite the feeling that it’s not that urgent. Maybe it’s true today but left unchecked, it can eventually lead to a disaster.

Stay Afloat: Stay Healthy!

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