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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

The first week of our Successful Life Navigation 7-week cycle is dedicated to MOTIVATION, one of the key components to our success. Just like an engine drives a ship, motivation is the driving force that pushes us towards our success.

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the elements that fuel our motivation. Remember our previous chats about how our needs are the primary drivers of our motivation? We all have needs, right? For instance, we need food and water to survive, which motivates us to work. We need safety, which motivates us to ensure we have a safe and secure environment for our families.

We also crave love and companionship from our family and friends. We need to work, not just for the paycheck, but to contribute to society and bring value to others. And finally, we need a purpose, a reason for our existence, a goal that makes our life meaningful. These needs are the fuel that keeps our motivational engine running.

Take a moment to reflect on your needs. What do you need the most right now? Is it a basic need like food and shelter, or is it something more profound like companionship, meaningful work, or a sense of purpose?

Now, let’s dive deeper and discuss the concept of needs versus values. What do we value in life? For instance, my top value is authenticity. I strive to be honest and genuine, to be myself without any pretense. I find it challenging to play roles or engage in politics.

Another value I hold dear is empathy. I believe in understanding and sharing the feelings of others and helping them in any way I can. Some people might value community, preferring to be surrounded by others and engaging in social activities. Others might value balance, striving for equilibrium in all aspects of life. And then there are those who value spirituality, placing their faith above all else.

These values are not needs, but they do define who we are. If I value authenticity, it means I am sincere. If I value empathy, it means I am caring. If I value community, it means I am sociable. If I value balance, it means I am peaceful. If I value spirituality, it means I am a believer.

Our values guide our decisions and steer us towards success. It’s crucial to understand our values because they drive us.

For instance, we all need to work, but we all value different things. If we value community but end up in a job where we are isolated, we might be able to do it for a while, but it won’t bring us satisfaction in the long run.

So, it’s not just about identifying our needs, but also understanding our values. This understanding will help us make choices that align with our values, leading to greater success.

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