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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

I have had to come to a regular eye doctor appointment a long ago. I just did not have time for that. My eyesight is perfect for my age; I still do not wear any kind of glasses. Except sometimes when I sit near my monitor too long, I can put on my special computer glasses & that’s it. When I visited Ukraine a couple of years ago, an eye doctor there prescribed me some reading glasses, but I do not use them because I do not need them. I could have come here a few years ago when I had insurance with my workplace, but I didn’t. My eyesight is perfect!

Why I came today? Just to finally have this routine check & hear again that my eyesight is great! Ok, here we go. Wow! So many different tests & scans. That’s ok; once in a while, I can handle that. They ask me to do some additional ones this time. Ok, I think I can do it too. They all are so friendly here. Very pleasant office! Here the doctor comes to tell me that my eyesight is good! “Everything looks great! You have perfect eyesight for your age!” I knew it! Why would I need to come & pay money to hear it one more time?! 🙂 “Except, you can lose your sight any day.” Wwhhaattt?!?!?!? How is it possible? The doctor is mistaken, for sure.

I try to concentrate on what she is saying, but it is very hard to do. I do not understand. I just do not understand. She shows me my scans & explains that I have a special structure of both of my eye muscles, which does not allow some kind of fluid to go through & it builds pressure on my eyes & one day, both of my eyes can start to hurt very bad & I can develop a severe headache the point of throwing up & in a matter of 24 hours I can lose both eyes. She refers me to an eye surgeon right away & gives me her phone number in case of an emergency before my surgery. While I wait for it, I still have to go to the Mexican border to pick up my mom, fleeing from war in Ukraine. T-R-U-S-T it is.

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