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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

Lifeboats can seem like a waste of resources, especially on well-built vessels. Somebody probably had such an assumption when equipping The Titanic for its first trip overseas. What in the world could happen with the most reliable vessel in the world? Apparently, a lot of things. The Titanic lifeboats could help only half of its passengers & in reality, they saved even fewer lives than that because of discriminatory notions with which those treasured places in the lifeboats were assigned. Sad but true story.

Health is the same way. We tend not to notice it until we desperately need it. We choose to put our priorities elsewhere & who can blame us – we have so much to juggle. We might rush towards stabilizing our material well-being or put sleepless days & nights into our education in hopes that all of it eventually pays back. Well, it will, but unfortunately, not only in the ways we hope. Our tireless efforts to succeed can & will show their positive results, but if we are not careful enough & are not setting aside some time to build our “lifeboats,” the disaster may suddenly hit & it may be too late to change anything.

Our Health has three closely intertwined threads: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. If we strengthen only one thread & ignoring the other two, we are heading for disaster. With Health, like with lifeboats, it’s best to build it ahead of time, not waiting until we find ourselves in the hostile open sea conditions. We all know that, but life happens to us. Then, we wish we were wiser & more prudent before. If we are determined to succeed, our Physical, Emotional & Spiritual “lifeboats” should be at the ready & upheld in the best possible condition. Yes, I know it takes time, but when real disaster hits, we will be so happy we took good care of our multifaceted Health way beforehand!

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