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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

“My reading & writing English level is 4 or even 5, but my speaking is so bad that I decided to join level 2,” – a young lady who just came to the States from Ukraine sounded very upset. I listened to her with compassion & then an idea came to my mind: “Wait a minute, if your reading & writing is pretty good, it means that you just need to practice your English speaking skills & overcome a psychological barrier that each ESL student, myself included, experiences to a certain extent. I know who can help you! I have a very good American friend who loves to help new immigrants! I am sure that she will be thrilled to help you as well! – that’s how it all started 🙂

Welcome to our 7-Ft English Club where
  • English Learners can overcome their Language & Cultural Barriers by Talking with Fluent & Native English Speakers
  • Fluent & Native English Speakers can help English Learners to Improve their Conversational English
  • Everybody can learn about Successful Life Navigation & Build New Friendships

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English Learner? Fill our our  English Learner Application to become a part of our growing community!

Fluent or Native English Speaker who can join us for 1-hour zoom sessions once or twice a week? Fill out our Volunteer Application or Request our Demo Session!

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