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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

My learning to bike ended somewhere in middle school, with me falling into a dusty ditch after a failed attempt to turn in order to avoid riding straight into a group of strangers who ignored my plea to step aside. After that, there was no biking for me for at least 35 years. Yes. That’s right. That’s how old I am.

Here in Coronado, it seems like everyone bikes, starting from small children & up to retirees of a rather respectable age. All those happy bikers encouraged me to set my long-lasting doubts & fears aside & hop on a bicycle. I absolutely loved it! Does it come easy? Not really. Do I look weird learning to bike at my age? You bet! Does anyone care about it? Not so much. Do I feel happier? I sure do!

Immigrating to another country has something in common with learning to bike at my age. Natives are flying on their “bikes” back & forth, enjoying their lives while I have to whirl my way around, avoiding falling & bumping into somebody or something. And oh yes, my muscles, they hurt cause guess what: I work hard! But my hope is that soon enough I will be among those happy bikers, riding freely without any doubts & fear, just for the fun of it all!

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