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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

Enjoying Safe Harbors

We struggled, we fought, we persevered, and we finally reached our safe harbor. The water around us is calm & warm & sparkling. The view of the shore calms our eyesight, tired of jumping up & down with our ship tossed by rough ocean waters. The deck feels steady, almost like solid ground. Nausea caused by the sea sickness went away. We breathe slowly & deeply because headwinds no longer quench our breath. First time after such a looong voyage, we feel relaxed. No anxiety, no worry, no restlessness. Peace. Perfect peace.

Safe harbors materialize our dreams that some time ago seemed out of reach or even impossible. We need to celebrate & savor such places in our lives, giving thanks to our God of the impossible. He brought us here for a reason & for a season. The reason differs for each person, but there are some universal ones too. Like for example: ENJOY. In the world of bullet trains & high-speed internet, we want to keep going. All the time. Until we collapse & our weary bodies refuse to cooperate. We have to intentionally & maybe even forcefully include enjoying into our busy schedule.

Enjoying implies pausing. As frightened as it may sound, we gotta do so. We have to stop. Because we are in a safe harbor for a season. And that season is going to end. No matter if we rushed it away or enjoyed every minute of it. Safe harbors can be enjoyable if we let them be so. Let them be. I must admit that it’s an art I have yet to master. Recovering perfectionist as I am, I learn to give myself some time & space. To breathe, to rest, to recuperate. Only after such a life-giving time, we will have enough strength & desire to restart our MOTIVATION engine & head out into the open sea yet again.

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