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sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

Maps show the way. How to get to the destination safely. How to avoid dangerous spots. How to save time. If maps are outdated, they represent a fictional landscape, and the reality will hit sooner or later. Updating maps should be a top priority for all who want to travel safely and efficiently. The quality of the maps is crucial too. Where are they crafted? What equipment is used in this process? Who is involved? Can they be trusted? Good maps are not a waste of resources; on the contrary, they are an intelligent investment, ensuring the best travel experience!

Education is the same way. Some people can choose to travel without a map by foot for fun, but those same people probably won’t hop on a plane or a ship that does not have a reliable navigation system. Some people say that they do not need education and that it is just a waste of time & money. Let me put my Educator hat on: Education is essential to our lives. We learn all the time. Whether we want it or not. Any new situation that we encounter teaches us something, and it happens on a daily basis. Instruction which can be in the form of Training, or Teaching, or both, is another thing.

Now that we know that we can’t escape education, it’s best for us to embrace it & craft it in a way that is going to best suit our personalities and needs. If formal education is what is needed for our goals to be achieved, then we should pursue it. If our entrepreneurial spirit wants to learn on the go, by trial & error, then let it be it! We all are unique individuals & we can learn in a myriad of ways. The main thing for us is to develop a lifelong learning attitude, which is so crucial in our ever-changing world.

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