Nadiia Bagin

sharing my story & inspiring yours

sharing my story & inspiring yours

Pho & His Fun Photo Family

Meet Pho & his Fun Photo Family in the book of Interactive Photo Adventures!

Pho & His Fun Photo Family

More than a story or a history lesson, “Pho & his Fun Photo Family” will leave readers with a treasured memory book of their early photography and a valued resource to use as their art continues to develop.

Young photographers meet Pho and learn about how he opens his heart to let the light in. They discover how this turns out to be the beginning of “PHO’s & His Fun Photo Family” adventures in photography. Pho then shares stories from his ancestry, revealing the history of photo art to readers through everything from 19th-century photo boxes to present day photography. The character of each camera in the Fun Photo Family is unique and engaging. While going through the story, readers learn PhoVocab and get to participate in a series of interactive PhoTasks that encourage positive living, strong relationships with loved ones and recognizing beauty in the world around them.

Meet the Author

Nadiia Bagina was born on February 14, 1975 in Kharkov, Ukraine. She and her husband have been in the United States since 2014. As a child, Nadiia loved listening to her grandmother’s fairy tales, writing poetry & drawing. Her love for the arts carried into adulthood. With an education & career in Graphic Design, she is dedicated to spreading God’s Truth about Love and Beauty of His Creation through art of photography.

Greetings to you, my dear readers!

My name is Nadiia which in Ukrainian means Hope 🙂 I love photography, and I love to write stories!

I invite you all to the wonderful world of photography, where my good friends – Pho & His Fun Family are waiting for you!

Read the stories, learn new words from the PHOVOCAB, do the PHOTASKS and save your best pictures in this book!I hope that very soon we all will become good friends and will love photography even more then now 🙂

Special Thanks

I Thank God for His Love and for all of the gifts and talents He gives us! I Thank my parents for their love to each other, to me, and to photography! Thank you to my grandparents for their love to me and for my happy childhood, my husband for his love, understanding, and support, my teachers for their love, patience, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration, my friends for their love, respect, and smiles, and a very special Thank You to my little Ukrainian friend, Kolia Orlov who read all the stories about Pho’s family in a single evening and gave me the idea of publishing them!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

“I think it’s cool that kids can start learning about photography at a young age!” Kimberly Laberge, Student Photographer

Selling Points & Promotional Opportunities:

  • A quality mix of education & entertainment.
  • Photography is one of the fastest growing hobbies today.
  • Adult/Child interactive learning, particularly in the arts, is highly sought in recreation, schools, and outreach programs.
  • Great for classes at book stores!
  • Ideal for early elementary programs.
  • Not just a story . . . an experience!